Welcome Friends and Warriors

7bb94428d0b6e21ec5fa21e36730bc1e_zpsov0rfby9Speak Up For Animal Welfare Worldwide in the world who needs care!
Every Animal in this World have our attention  ,together we can make a difference!

Animal Welfare Worldwide needs your support.
We must do something, even if it is only to make our Voices heard, to sign petitions, participate in protests and tweetstorms witch whe design  , organize , and made by our  wonderful Animal Welfare Worldwide Team.

Spread the word, and never close your eyes.
Animals need our help! They can’t speak for themselves

We all are here to fight for al animals in trouble, to make people aware and educate with love, no hate …

Kind Regards , Team Animal Welfare Worldwide


3 thoughts on “Welcome Friends and Warriors

  1. You guys are really fabulous with outstanding tweet sheets! Since you “fight for all animals,” please fight for farmed animals, too, who endure torturous lives from birth to death. Pigs are one of the top 5 most intelligent animals, right up there with the beautiful elephants we ALL love SO much! #Veganism shows love for ALL animals. Say “No” to ‘speciesism! Thank you for reading my comment.

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