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List of Sri Lankan overseas Embassies and Consulates https://embassy.goabroad.com/embassies-of/sri-lanka

Email address for  Embassy in Islamabad srilanka@dsl.net.pk

 Dear Ambassador

We understand that Sri Lanka has been approached through its Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan to supply 1 or 2 juvenile elephants for Islamabad (formerly Marghazar) Zoo, one of which is to be a mate for Kaavan the 37 year old Asian male.  Also that you have been requested to send a veterinarian to Islamabad zoo to do a medical check on Kaavan.

We don’t know if you are aware of the very serious reputation that Islamabad zoo has and I would be grateful if you would take this in to consideration.

In relation to the care of the elephants, Kaavan and the female elephant named Saheli who died aged just 22 in 2012, there has been a great deal of  media coverage detailing the abuse and neglect of both elephants.  This media coverage is in Pakistani national media and media internationally including in the media in Sri Lanka.

Sending new elephants there would be a disaster, the zoo has made little or no investment in either staff training or in the elephant enclosure in the 32 years since Sri Lanka donated the elephant to Pakistan in 1985.  The result of this is that Kaavan has for many years exhibited stereotypic behaviour, has dangerously unhealthy feet and the death of the previous female elephant.   A leg wound  believed to have been caused by the chains attached to her legs became infected.  Several times the leg wound was reported to zoo authorities by concerned zoo visitors as she began to limp. It was either never treated correctly, or it was ignored,  either way the end result was that she collapsed and eventually died from an easily treatable wound.

The male elephant Kaavan who was already exhibiting stereotypic behaviours showed very clear signs of being traumatized by her death, and the Zoo authorities and Mahouts responded by chaining him in the dilapidated  shed by all 4 legs for 9 months.  The reason they gave for this was that he was a dangerous elephant.

It is very well documented on film and in the media and the international NGO Four Paws International who observed him at the zoo in December 2016 reported that he had severe stereotypic behaviour.  They also recommended that a fence be built to allow medical attention in protected contact, and that security fencing between the elephant and the general public needed improvement.  Neither of these recommendations has been carried out, nor their offer to send their own staff to train the zoo staff.

The international community became involved in his case in 2015 due to a campaign on social media including a petition signed by 405,000 people around the world that they eventually unchained this elephant, and dismissed his previous Mahouts.  His new Mahouts do, I am sure try their best and are kinder to him, but they are highly constrained by the zoo authorities and the local Government in Islamabad.   It is a miracle that he has survived in conditions that are highly inadequate, detrimental to his health, and having had completely inadequate medical care.  The zoos in Pakistan are not regulated by any laws pertaining to the health and welfare for captive animals and are not members of any international zoo authority.

There have been and continue to be multiple deaths of animals in Islamabad zoo, as well as at the other zoos, and the wildlife parks in Pakistan, documented and in the public domain.

I humbly request, and am sure that you will be sympathetic to the fact that sending a juvenile female in to Kaavans enclosure could be very dangerous for the female due to the completely inadequate facilities  the zoo has.  It would also have negative repercussions on Sri Lanka’s reputation.

I also understand that currently Sri Lanka is not exporting elephants to international zoos while the Nandi case is still in the courts

I would be very grateful if you would get back to me at your earliest convenience.

With kind regards,

 Name /country or state and country



Update! Urgent Help Still Needed To Relocate Kaavan The Elephant To Cambodian Sanctuary

By World Animal News

The urgency to move Kaavan, the male Asian elephant, from the Marghzaar Zoo in Islamabad where he is living in horrific conditions, to safety at a Cambodian sanctuary has intensified once again; following the tragic death of another elephant in Pakistani’s Lahore Zoo in mid-May.

As previously reported by WAN, after three decades of being chained and living in deplorable conditions at the zoo, the public’s advocating for Kaavan appeared to move in the right direction when Pakistan’s Senate Standing Committee agreed on July 25, 2016, that sending the abused, neglected and isolated elephant to the sanctuary was “the right thing to do.”

Unfathomably, it appears as if nothing had been done to facilitate the move, even though Lek Chailert, the Founder of Save Elephant Foundation has offered Kaavan a home at a sanctuary, she also co-founded The Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary. The founder of the sanctuary, David Casselman made the official offer in a letter to Senators in Pakistan.

While Senators in Pakistan have recommended the move, local government who manage the zoo and therefore “own” Kaavan still stubbornly refuse to let him go due to the high amount of income he attracts from zoo visitors.

The Senators remain committed to transferring Kaavan to the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary.

According to an official Press Release, Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani observed at a Parliament House on Wednesday, that the Upper House took lead by constituting a Committee headed by Senator Nuzhat Sadiq to look into the reports about ‘Kaavan’s’ health and also the condition of other animals in the Zoo. He proposed that a wider medical board should be constituted in this regard to thoroughly assess the physical and mental health condition of the lonely animal.

Chairman Senate directed Senator Nuzhat Sadie and Senator Samina Abid will contact Sri Lankan High Commissioner since the Sri Lankan government had earlier promised for replacement of the aged elephant with a younger one.

He also directed CDA to improve the enclosure of the elephant and provide healthy food and a better environment for the animal.

The saga to relocate Keevan has been moving back and forth for years. It needs to stop.

As recently as last December, Four Paws International were finally given access to Islamabad Zoo to asses the conditions of the animals. They made two fundamental recommendations regarding Kaavan in a written report in early January 2017.

These were that the security barrier between the public and Kaavan be improved, and crucial for Kaavan that a fence is built inside his enclosure in order to train him painlessly in protected contact to become accustomed to receiving veterinary care. They even offered two weeks of hands on training for the mahout. All these recommendations were to be completed within six months. The zoo has reportedly done nothing at all, and the deadline is quickly approaching.

Kaavan still needs urgent attention to his injured feet, and we are not sure what his internal body has suffered due to his years of being kept in horrid conditions.

He continues to display stereotypic behavior which Four Paws International described as ‘severe,’ but which zoo management likes to say is “dancing.” Kaavan currently has no veterinary care at all.

Campaigning has resulted in Kavaan being mostly chain-free since the end of 2016 now that his former mahout has been replaced with a new one to look after Kaavan. The new mahout does the best he can with scant resources, but he will not be able to save Kaavan from illness, or cure him if the worst should happen and his feet become infected, or he comes down with another illness.

Kaavan’s living quarters are deeply inadequate and photographs taken yesterday show Kaavan with no water in his pool. the current temperature in Islamabad is 37C sometimes rising to 41C.

This campaign seeks to bring to light that Kaavan has been offered a home at the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary by Lek Chailert and David Casselman and to break the deadlock of the CDA.

We can’t sit back and wait until he dies along with Suzi and Saheli. The CDA must let him go NOW before its too late.

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Hands Off Our Wildlife

We at Animal Welfare Worldwide condemn trophy hunting. Auctioning off a life to the highest bidder and calling it a game or sport is just reckless, inhumane, and declining our wildlife.
Trophy Hunters are hurting us all, these unsuspecting animals are gunned down by simply making a wrong turn their lives stolen to represent the success of the hunt
Trophy hunting should also be linked to poaching however the only difference here is poaching is unauthorized and trophy hunting is considered entertainment the fact is poaching and trophy hunting are killing hundreds and millions of wildlife which a huge setback to wildlife conservation.
& watch the powerful message in this video clip:  (Author Unknown)

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Petition : Kaavan has Secured a Sanctuary at No cost to Pakistan at Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary



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A message from Kaavan


It ” looks ” like the Senate is silent after your latest news of your meeting with the CDA .. But if you think  I’m giving up , I won’t .. there are people out there, you know my REAL friends, who are standing by me and are my Voice.  They still help me ! 

They have never and will never let me down !

I refuse to be sent to Sri Lanka and/or be exchanged for another baby elephant.  I am not a toy to be just thrown away.  No one says where I will go in Sri Lanka, and they don’t mention any sanctuary.  In Sri Lanka they will hurt me, just as you do.  Maybe even worse if they want to train me.  It was Sri Lanka that stole me from my mom , and gave me to you Pakistan when I was still a small baby, as a gift.  I had no option except to be an attraction in a corrupt dirty zoo, to have to depend on corrupt keepers for my life! They who stole my food, they claimed I needed alcohol to calm me but they drank the alcohol themselves, they beat me, they made me suffer the scorching sun and the cold cold winters in a barren zoo space, they chained me so that zoo visitors could buy my own food to feed me!  And they killed my companion Saheli.   I need urgent vet help with my feet and they do nothing about it.  They said I was dangerous this is why they chained me all the time – but my friends said they must unchain me and one day they did and I’m not dangerous – they can see. But I am in a bad state after more than 30 years at the zoo and all I can do is swing and bob my head side to side…side to side…to try to stop myself going crazy,  to try to get some peace.  I wonder,  do you treat your children this way to ? I hope you don’t.

I am Kaavan, the captive Elephant in Pakistan, the fight isn’t just over , my friends tell me that! And I trust them, as long I have breath ,  I will fight for my real HOME they offered me, and that’s not Sri Lanka  , its the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary .. 


Animal Awareness “Stop the brutaltity on baby elephants”

I will do all the tricks YOU want me to but please stop stabbing, hitting, burning and torturing me… I promise to be good…

If you dream of taking a selfie, of getting a massage from an elephant, of seeing them swim in the ocean, of seeing them preform tricks, of just having them entertain YOU in any way… PLEASE know that this is the cruelty and abuse you are promoting and supporting because ALL baby elephants have to first be beaten down in the most inhumane way to get them to do all this. Now that you know YOU must decide if they deserve this.

By Diana Munoz

Send email for #Mundi #Elephant #MayagūezZoo #PuertoRico

Mayagüez Zoo Puerto Rico is teaching our beautiful Mundi to paint. We know this just means she is enduring cruelty and abuse. She is already blind in one eye…. How did that happen?!! Please send the email below. We can’t allow for her to continue suffering. Just copy, paste and send. Thank you Anika Sleem

Please take Action for Mundi she needs many voices right now, Here is an easy copy paste email PLEASE send

Email to : secretario@drd.pr.gov gobernador@fortaleza.pr.gov

Dear Officials

It has been brought to our attention that the Mayaguez Zoo administration for Mundi are teaching her to paint. This serves her no enrichment it is achieved by voice commands and other physical gruelling tactics literally forcing her to learn what does not comes natural to her.

The goal to teach Mundi how to paint is having Mundi to become submissive, to make an elephant submissive comes pain.

An offer was made to the government officials to move Mundi to a sanctuary at no cost to Puerto Rico. Please accept this offer and give her the gift of having the life that she deserves.

Sincerely Wild Life Advocate