Earth Shattering News! Another Gentle Giant Has Left Our Planet !! #Kerala #Ele

20526300_10154635027647115_8592037371800852428_nAccording to a Kerala elephant activist, he was tortured so much that he couldn’t handle the agony, so he ran amok with both of his legs tethered. Unable to escape, he fell into a well and died this morning in Kerala. His name is Valiyapurakkal Dhruvan. In the last seven months 14 elephants died, and just on the 1st of August the 15th elephant Another one. They are withering away like dry leaves. I feel despondent constantly posting the deaths of elephants. They are doomed in the wild and in captivity … poor animals have nowhere to go 😦 Captive elephants are tortured to death, and Wild elephants are captured, as they are considered “crop raiders”. Some wild elephants are murdered, as we witnessed last week when an ignorant driver drove a truck over a harmless elephant. When will the authorities pay attention to the plight of these innocent animals? It’s heartbreaking!!

Photo Credit: Renjith Ramachandran

By Sangita Iyer


2 thoughts on “Earth Shattering News! Another Gentle Giant Has Left Our Planet !! #Kerala #Ele

  1. It breaks my heart each time I hear about
    one of these tortured elephants dying !!
    Such Gentle Giants…they do not want to
    hurt anyone…but when they are tortured
    for years without relief…they go ctazy !!
    It is not the elephant’s fault !!

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