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🆘 Email to send” Saving baby Suman (aka Hazel) ” #SaveSuman

Email to send for beautiful baby girl Suman ( HAZEL) Ask the government to interfere.


Wildlife S.O.S. has a real chance at rescuing this baby to reunite her with her sister Peanut‼️ … But we need to do our part!

✉️  Easy copy paste email to

Subject : Saving baby Suman (aka Hazel)

Wildlife Crime Control Bureau,

Dear Sirs

Wildlife SOS and newspaper articles have recently brought to our attention the terrible plight of an illegally owned 6 year old female elephant named Suman previously named Hazel.

She is being illegally kept by Sameer “Ballu” Khan, who is also illegally holding her mother, Chanda (#112 at the Amer Fort) as well as her father, Bijli. The Khan’s are a family of 5 brothers, 2 of whom are notorious for there brutal abuse of elephants in Jaipur.

Suman has already been abused in a circus, and now to break her spirit and make her “fit for work,” men are beating and abusing her (calling it “training”).

She is isolated, chained up in an underground parking garage and already showing sign of severe trauma.

We ask that Suman be released to Wildlife SOS along with her mother and father to be reunited with her sister Peanut who already lives happily at Wildlife SOS.

The world is outraged at her treatment, the media coverage will only increase. As I write to you hundreds of thousands are tweeting about her.

Please not only enforce the laws but show the world your compassion and respect for Suman.

It will surely benefit Tourism in Jaipur in the long run.

Thank you for your timely intervention in this urgent case of elephant abuse.

Kind Regards , Name , Country



Thank you Susan Bouchard for the email template!
Post made by Animal Welfare WorldwideDiana Munoz & Anika Sleem


🔴 Her name is Baby Suman (AKA Hazel) She needs your help!

🔴 Her name is Baby Suman (AKA Hazel) 🐘
She needs your help❗

🐘 I am Hazel … a 6 year old baby elephant living a hell no one should have to live. I am kept alone in the darkness in an underground garage beaten and in chains all day in Jaipur, India …. I am going insane. I am just wasting away.. PLEASE HELP ME !

Love, Hazel

It’s just a 3 second 📹 video , but we can see this baby’s terrible suffering.

Wildlife S.O.S is working hard to reunite baby Hazel with her family before it’s too late.

✍ SIGN Petition

Please stand with us for Hazel . Speak up, push hard, and raise your voices against this injustice. Help us reunite Hazel with her sister, Peanut. Help us bring her family — a family that has already suffered so much loss — out of darkness and isolation and into a future together.


By Wildlife SOSDiana Munoz Animal Welfare Worldwide – Anika Sleem


The Heartbreaking Story Of What Happens To Asian Elephants #LoveandBananas

LOVE & BANANAS Theatrical Trailer

“You don’t need a bull hook to control an elephant.
You can guide an elephant with love… And bananas”

Saengduean Lek Chailert Founder of Save Elephant Foundation

Want to talk to us? Tag the film using @LoveAndBananas, or use the #LoveAndBananas hashtag.

The key to saving this species… Education!

Visit Love and Banana’s

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This is my ”life” I am a SLAVE… #SayNoToElephantSlavery #HelpAwakenSleepingHearts


This is my ”life” I am a SLAVE.

When I am not being beaten, I am strongly tethered, as you can see I can’t even move. This is done to me so that tourist can ride on my back, see me in a circus or see me paint. I beg YOU to help end my suffering…understand, I feel love, sorrow, sadness, loneliness. I am very much like you. I have done nothing wrong! Please help us!
Suffering young bull.

Please NEVER go to the circus, zoos, nor pay to see elephants do anything that is unnatural to them, like paint and NEVER ride an elephant no matter where you are.

Post by Diana Munoz

Ripped away from her mother’s loving reach! #SayNoToElephantSlavery #HelpAwakenSleepingHearts


Ripped away from her mother’s loving reach…..

Beaten. Starved. Stabbed. Deprived of all basic needs. Baby’s spirit completely broken. She is just about 2 years old Now she’s ready so we can take our selfie, so she can be taught to paint, so we can now ride on her back. So she can do all the circus tricks. This is what she gets for being born a majestic being… Do you think she deserves this so we can have our few minutes of fun?

All baby elephants forced into slavery go through this no EXCEPTION !This is all fueled by the tourist industry. What a terrible tragedy that we have allowed this to be. We need to come together to help end their slavery. Please help raise awareness and educate others about the abuse and cruelty elephants endure to entertain us.
Thank you!

Post by Diana Munoz


News from #Kerala #TempleElephants

More positive news from Kerala. Details on Kottoor Elephant Rehab center – expected to be ready by 2020. You will recall that last year Kerala government had allocated some 400 acres of land. Well the rejuvenation of land is expected to begin in September 2018, with an aim to open it up by June 2020 (the latest). Let us please appreciate the good work that the forest officals and government of Kerala are doing!! Let the comments be uplifting and positive, rather than “about time” etc… Please be reflective! We really need to empower EVERYONE in Kerala. Additionally, knowledge on elephants and their intelligence has become available in the past 10 years or so, and it has to be disseminated widely, which is why I keep focusing on awareness. KNOWLEDGE WILL DISPEL THE DARKNESS OF IGNORANCE AND SHINE LIGHT ON THE TRUTH!!

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