English Translation for Muqabil 92 Pakistani talk show March 07-2018 #FreeKaavan #Cher

✔️ English Translation for Muqabil 92 Pakistani talk show ✔️

✔️ Muqabil is a Pakistani talk show on 92 News Channel hosted by political commentator Rauf Klasra , Amir Mateen and Sarwat Valim .

✔️ This talk show is in the same calibre as CNN and BBC news the show airs LIVE and tackles Breaking News political issues in Pakistan and world news.

✔️ The analysts and production team leave no stones unturned in giving you a detailed insight into ongoing stories.

✔️ On March 7, 2018 they featured Kaavan ( English Translation ) in the back ground airing is Team Kaavan /AnimalWelfareWorldwide ( Tragic Life of Kaavan )

✔️ 1st Anchor Rauf Klasra in red tie – Opens dialogue I would like to share a story on Kaavan and a letter that I have ( he mentions that he was really impressed)

✔️ 2nd Anchor Amir Mateen in blue tie – joins in the conversation recapping who Kaavan is , he has been suffering in chains for a very long time and he is ill . He then mentions that world icon Cher she has made inquiries on him for the last 6 months offering to help him.

✔️ 1st Anchor Rauf Klasra in red tie – Cher has said there is a sanctuary in Cambodia , please allow me to take him there Kaavan is ill , he is sad, and he is alone.

✔️ Kaavan is suffering with psychological issue’s ( he then mentions Cher had sent a team to Pakistan)

✔️ He states that Cher has written to the Mayor Ansar , he states after reading this letter he can’t believe this is still ongoing (if it was up to them they would have given the elephant long ago)

✔️ Continuing to the letter , Cher has offered a package deal She was to come to Pakistan with international media and a full team mentioning that she lives in America

✔️ but due to her hectic tour schedule she was unable to and apologised to the mayor for this.

✔️ in her letter to the Mayor , Cher offered him VIP treatment and a guest for an all-expense paid trip to come to Washington being her guest to watch her concert following with a private dinner to discuss and finalizing retiring Kaavan.

✔️ 2nd Anchor Amir Mateen in blue tie – goes on to say Cher is a super icon , one of a kind she is in a league of superstar’s such as Madonna etc. very few icon’s such as her

✔️ 1st Anchor Rauf Klasra in red tie – Cher is HUGE a celebrity and then goes on about the offer he states that she is pampering the mayor and establishing

✔️ a working relationship
He states that what Cher is offering is not to hurt the zoo but to help Islamabad zoo , offering Tech 3D aspect ( to show animals in an ethical way ) , offering head Vet to be flown to Los Angeles or England for PHD ( educational training ) , retiring Kaavan to Cambodia ( mentioning Scott Blais from Global Sanctuary) will come to Pakistan

✔️ to escort Kaavan to Cambodia, providing better enclosures for the rest of the zoo animals, and training to full staff.

✔️ Both anchors in discussion adding we need to promote this image of Pakistan , we are good people we care about the animals .

✔️ 2nd Anchor Amir Mateen in blue tie – advised the offer is here and has been here for 6 months the mayor needs to accept this offer, He also mentions that

✔️ Cher will not exploit Kaavan for commercial reason she just wants to take him to the sanctuary and be treated for his mental health and to help the rest of the animals in Islamabad zoo.

✔️ Sarwat Valim female anchor closes off – such a big offer and deal of a lifetime we don’t know what is behind the mayor reasoning of not accepting this offer . #FreeKaavan



📣 Breaking News Tonight March 5,2018 🐘 #FreeKaavan

📣 Breaking News Tonight March 5,2018 🐘

TOP rated News program in Pakistan Maqubil92 featured Kaavan during Prime Time .

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Post of broadcast with English translation will soon be posted

#FreeKaavan #TeamKaavan #Animalwelfareworldwide

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This is Kaavan – January 2018 – So sad. Please share, thank you

This is Kaavan in January 2018, terribly lonely … Update- Requesting Mayor Ansor Aziz for meeting
Video also available on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74FpEhbITQ4&feature=youtu.beWe are always grateful for video and pictures of Kaavan in the zoo. We can look at his condition, and get reports of what he is being fed and if there is water in his small pool, or fresh water anywhere. We are very thankful for this data from a friend in Islamabad, though it is heartbreaking to watch. We are posting it because we think all his supporters would want to know. We also update (below) on the current actions to get this elephant “our boy” out of this terribly sad life. At Islamabad Zoo.In this video compilation of Kaavan (the raw videos by a kind friend in Islamabad) by Animal Welfare Worldwide you can almost feel his terrible loneliness, I say almost because most of us have no experience of solitary confinement and absence of anything at all to absorb the curiosity and intelligence of this wonderful animal.Update re our current actions: Following on from Mark Cowne’s (Free The Wild / @FTWGlobal) visits to Islamabad to ask for Kaavan’s transfer to sanctuary which Free The Wild https://www.facebook.com/FTWGlobal/ and their wonderfully generous offer to the zoo to fund the substantial cost of his transfer to retirement in Cambodia, and also offering staff training and other help to make life easier for other animals at the zoo.

Mark from Free The Wild has been to Islamabad and spoken to Islamabad Mayor Anser Aziz, other local government officers, and Senator Nuzhat Sadiq.

It was a big move that they agreed to meet with Free The Wild, now Mayor Aziz requests that Cher, the other Founder of Free The Wild attend a meeting with him.

Cher has agreed to a meeting and written to Mayor Aziz. Free The Wild have given dates when Cher and Mark Cowne are available, and we are hopeful that one of those dates matches with Mayor Aziz’s schedule.

To all, a big thank you! Yes – this has taken a long time and a great amount of work by all of us over the last 3 years, but please continue to have patience, and share this with your friends and groups, don’t give up on Kaavan. We will update again when we have a meeting date. #FreeKaavan!

With very best wishes from Team Kaavan / Animal Welfare Worldwide


🐘 #Ganga needs Help please send an Email

Easy copy paste to email addresses : administration@attorneygeneral.gov.lk pm@pmoffice.gov.lk secpm@pmoffice.gov.lk meegasmulla@yahoo.com “The World Is Watching. Release Ganga into Protective Custody Now”



Team Kaavan’s #RumbleForRights for Elephants

Currently in Pakistan there is an elephant named Kaavan. For the past three decades, since he was a baby of between one and two years old, he has been held in conditions not fitting for any being. Considered property, he was a diplomatic gift from the Sri Lankan government to the Pakistan government in 1985.  Many people are aware of Kaavan and his story of being tightly chained almost his entire life in deplorable conditions in the Islamabad Zoo.


Thanks to the hard work of many people around the world, there has been a tremendous amount of activity to get his story into the public spotlight. It is in large part because of social media pressure alerting Pakistani senators, and no less than the Chair of the Senate of Pakistan, to Kaavan’s plight and forcing the local government in Islamabad, which owns Kaavan and manages the zoo, to address some of the conditions in which Kaavan lives.

Part of the misinformation that the zoo presented was that Kaavan had to be chained because he was dangerous. Now, thanks to public pressure, Kaavan is left unchained for longer periods of time, and he has proved them wrong—he is not dangerous.

The zoo owners, managers, and handlers/mahouts have been running this zoo for years with horrific standards of care. The Islamabad Zoo is well known for its consistently bad conditions; its disregard and abuse of numerous animals who are exposed to solitary confinement; extreme heat and extreme cold in inadequate shelter; nutritionally poor diets; punishment; and, in too many cases, avoidable illnesses and death. The animals are viewed as no more than disposable commodities.

Let’s go back to when Kaavan once had a companion elephant named Saheli. She was brought to the zoo in 1991, and after being sufficiently broken in, she was put to work giving rides and having pictures taken by paying customers. When she wasn’t working, she was chained alongside Kaavan. Saheli developed wounds on her legs probably due to chains cutting into her skin. In spite of zoo visitors noticing that Saheli had begun to limp and alerting the management, the zoo administration ignored the gravity of her condition. Finally on April 29, 2012, she collapsed. The zoo veterinarian, who is unqualified in elephant management and medical care, could do nothing for her. Clearly by this time it was too late, and Saheli died on May 1, 2012. Kaavan was chained beside her during her illness and collapse, and as she was hoisted out of the zoo by crane, reports say that he was highly disturbed.

Elephants like the NhRP’s clients Beulah, Karen, Minnie, and the elephant we have been fighting for in Pakistan, Kaavan, are captured from the wild and from their families. Herd members are very often killed in the process of trying to protect the babies. Traumatized babies are shipped from their native habitat to be physically abused and mentally “broken” until they submit to a life as a docile “attraction” of one sort or another in zoos or circuses, giving tourist rides, kept as status symbols, or owned or rented for religious and cultural festivals. All this is even worse when we consider that elephants are scientifically proven to be one of the most intelligent species on earth; they are highly social and form lifelong bonds, are known to show empathy, are body-aware, and many would argue, self-aware.

In 2016, specialists went to the Islamabad Zoo to assess Kaavan and reported that he exhibits ‘severe’ behaviors indicative of stress. No wonder, when his life has been so unnatural, and he has been forced to live much of it chained and unable to take even a step because the chains are so tight. He has suffered interminable years of violent physical abuse to control and train him, and, also like Beulah, Karen, and Minnie, this intelligent being is forced to live day-to-day with so little if any autonomy. His owners are permitted to keep him without attending to even his most basic medical and dietary needs. The recommendations of the specialists—that Kaavan needs veterinary supervision and treatment—have been ignored. There are many photographs and videos of Kaavan chained, obsessively rocking his head and torso, and being financially exploited by his handler.

One year ago, the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary kindly offered to give a home to Kaavan where he could live autonomously, over time shed his habitualised behaviours, receive appropriate expert medical care, and socialize if he chose to. We are still campaigning for this outcome, which would be at no cost to his owners. It is too late to release him in to the wild because humans have robbed him of the survival skills that he would have learned over the course of his life, but nothing less than an expertly managed sanctuary environment is appropriate for these captive sentient beings.

Arguments against captivity, born out of scientific evidence that even the best of zoos cannot provide sufficiently for elephants, are gaining traction, but we know that the majority of captive elephants worldwide are still held in grossly and systemically inadequate facilities which continually cause premature deaths, diseases, and long-term mental and physical suffering. That is why we need to recognize elephants’ nonhuman legal personhood and fundamental rights. As we continue to learn about elephants, we are increasingly aware that no standard captive environment can replicate an elephant’s complex needs and highly social lives; this includes males like Kaavan who are as social as female elephants—contrary to old beliefs and the continuing mantra of those who hold male elephants in isolated captivity. If we have to destroy the innate characteristics of a nonhuman animal in order to keep him captive, what is the point? As a human species we have failed miserably in this regard because legally and culturally we still view all animals as property.

In Pakistan there are no laws protecting wild animals’ captive in zoos. This litigation of the Nonhuman Rights Project is of great importance to all in recognizing that we need to move forward and protect this extraordinary species, and we believe that this can only be done appropriately through acknowledging that they should have certain rights.

In the introduction to Marjorie Spiegel’s book The Dreaded Comparison: Human and Animal Slavery (1988), Alice Walker writes that animals were no more created for humans than black people for white or women for men. We believe that elephants were not created for humans: they have their own right to exist in this world as they are naturally born to be, and as humans, we should enable them to do that.

Anika Sleem is an animal rights advocate and co-founder of Team Kaavan, working to secure Kaavan’s release from the Islamabad Zoo to the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary. She’s very involved on social media platforms raising awareness for animals. Anika lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and volunteers much time advocating for animals, including holding a protest for Kaavan in the heart of downtown Toronto. She’s also involved in many fundraising campaigns for animal rescues.

Team Kaavan are animal rights advocates working together to release Kaavan to the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary . To help, you can join Kaavan’s page on Facebook, sign this petition, and follow us on Twitter: @AnimalWelfareWW@dianacmb4, @CareyOstrer,  and @anikasleem.

Article by nonhumanrights.org





VICTORY A day of Forever Freedom for Nosey! 🐘


Nosey is FREE FOREVER!!!!!!!!
January 22nd, 2018
Thank you!!!!!!
Judge Angela Terry
Assistant DA Callie Waldrep
ACO Kimberly Carpenter
Shay Michele -Cullman Advocate
Cindy Johnson Grant- Cullman Advocate
And ALL the area Advocates that spread the word and took actions for “an elephant” named NOSEY!!!!
Patricia Bentley-CAAWA
Sue Jones-CAAWA
Kem Daggs Powers
(Please remind if anyone was left out as you all deserve all of our deepest gratitude!)
Huge thanks to:
The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee!!!! EST.
Nosey needed help and they were only 96 miles away!
How Devine was that?
A miracle of miracles ♥️.
‼️We Have witnessed something pretty incredible: No one of authority ever stood up EVER for Nosey until these ALABAMA ladies did!! Without everything that happened here…Nosey would have been on her way back to Florida to start another year of misery. The stars were aligned in Moulton Alabama.
💗🐘💗Mark this day!💗🐘💗
January 22, 2018
A day of Forever Freedom for Nosey!💗🐘💗
And last but not least! Thank you NOSEY WARRIORS!!!
‼️Now…. stay with Save Nosey Now as we move along to fight harder than ever for the next suffering elephant(s)

by :

Tekst by Ms Barbara Trask Lovett


The Trump administration is set to reverse an Obama-era ban on hunters importing trophies of elephants killed in two African nations.


( source https://www.facebook.com/CBSNews/videos/10155226442470950/ )