PETITION: Transfer lonely Anne 🐘 from Longleat to Elephant Haven France, to be with companions !!

Read Anne’s story :

Anne the elephant was rescued to Longleat for rehabilitation on 3rd April 2011 from a life of suffering at Bobby Roberts circus. This was meant to be a temporary respite for Anne to gain physical health to enable her to be transferred to another location where she could be with other elephants.

Elephants are complex social animals and in the wild spend most of their day interacting in social activities. But Anne is alone, and has been since her last friends, Beverly and Janie, died at the circus in the Winter of 2001. She has spent 16 years now in total isolation from her own kind. This will affect her mental well being. Longleat has cared well for Anne but now she needs to be with other elephants.

Elephant Haven in France has agreed to accept Anne if she is to be released from Longleat, into their new elephant Haven, alongside two other elephants. She could be safely introduced to new elephant friends there.

Please sign now to demand Longleat transfer Anne to Elephant Haven in France to be with companions.










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By Ms Kelly-Suzanne Saxton Coldewey / Animal Welfare Worldwide


Update: Meeting announced ! #FreeKaavan


We are very excited to give this update:

TeamKaavan/ Animal Welfare Worldwide have been diligently working with organisation
“Free the Wild “ whose Trustees are Mark Cowne, Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne and CHER, who have partnered with us in order to free our boy Kaavan to the Cambodia Wild Life Sanctuary

On 19 September we have arranged a high level meeting in Pakistan with those in charge of Islamabad Zoo administration to discuss retiring Kaavan and how to help the other animals at the zoo.

We know we can all bring a change, everyone’s amazing dedicated actions and tireless efforts sharing his story, signing petitions, tweeting, emailing and NOT staying silent have proved this and without all of you none of this would be possible, it is humbling to be a part of and has kept us going to Free Kaavan.
We will update everyone every step of the way.

In Hope,

Team Kaavan / Animal Welfare Worldwide #FreeKaavan

Sign petition : I am one of the 33 born wild babies captured in #SriLanka illegally!


A lot more signatures needed to help these suffering babies.
Please sign and share and share.

I am one of the 33 born wild babies captured in Sri Lanka illegally… Ripped away from my mama’s loving reach to become a slave. Look at my sadness, my fear, my condition… LOOK What they have done to me. What did we ever do to deserve this cruelty? PLEASE help US!

Please sign and share far and wide. THANK YOU!

By Diana Munoz

Compilation : Kaavan The Elephant August 2017 #FreeKaavan


Latest pics (slide) from Kaavan The Elephant

© By Team Kaavan / Animal Welfare Worldwide

Kaavan The Elephant August 2017 Latest pics from Kaavan The Elephant
© By Team Kaavan / Animal Welfare Worldwide #FreeKaavan


movie by LT Pro

Apart from the illegal acts that Sri Lanka authorities are trying to undertake here in the film 33 babies, this could also concern Islamabad zoo, who have been trying to obtain new babies for some time, and the Sri Lanka High Commissioner in Islamabad was approached by Pakistani Senators and Sheikh Anser Aziz Mayor Of Islamabad as can be see fm this DAWN report 26 July Please write to the Sri Lanka embassy in your country and protest both the appalling info in the film and the request for new babies for Islamabad Zoo.

Email addresses and ideas for your email can be found here THANK YOU


Sign! #SriLanka is legalising elephant trafficking! inc petition & video


Sri Lanka is legalising elephant trafficking!

More than fifty baby elephants were stolen from the wild (illegally captured) from the wild after killing their mothers. After fighting court cases and getting back 33 babies, the Government now wants to legalise elephant trafficking by giving back the elephants to their false owners. These ‘owners’ include ego driven temple chiefs, Buddhist monks, politicians and nouveau riche who are able to bribe even court officials and buy their influence.

The reason being given is for the parades or pereheras which are supposedly traditions that have to be maintained even though the basic and foremost teachings of Lord Buddha are being disrespected and ignored – that is Metta or Loving Kindness to All Beings. In actual fact they are commercially driven pageants for Tourism. The temples keep elephants for the same reason.

The Colombo Courts is including another 15 baby elephants on the 23rd August to take part in the next parade although they originally said the elephants would only be released for the Kandy Perehera. The torture to these babies for traditional Buddhist parades is ironic to say the least. We voted this Government in hoping that they would not bow down to corruption but they have proved that they are as corrupt and cruel as their predecessors.

How can Sri Lanka host the next CITES conference when the Government is legitimising illegal trade in elephants? Please write to the CITES Secretary General Mr. John E Scanlon at and to CITES
CITES Secretariat
International Environment House
11 Chemin des Anémones
CH‐1219 Châtelaine, Geneva
Tel: +41‐(0)22‐917‐81‐39/40
Fax: +41‐(0)22‐797‐34‐17

Please sign and share this petition asap and help us free the babies who will be shackled and prodded 24/7. Help us to procure their freedom to roam about in their jungle homes with the rest of their herds. Please help us to secure their rights.

Petiton :

An Investigation by LT PRO, on the wellbeing of Sri Lanka’s Elephants

Kaavans life #FreeKaavan #CaptivityKills

Kaavan has stood for over 3 decades at Islamabad Zoo Pakistan …..
Chained Beaten Starved NeglectedNo medical attention Solitary confinement
Kaavan would rather be dead !!!!!! Do all you can to help him 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Tekst by Julie Jones